Between the years 1976-1988, the production team of Paul Zaleski and Errol Thomas, worked with numerous R&B ,blues ,country,
rock & roll, and many gospel performers singers in Memphis Tn.

During this period in Memphis, there were many "unsigned" artists available.

Zaleski and Thomas believed that the unsigned talent at their disposal was second to none.

As a team, with musicians Willie Hall, Michael Toles, Melvin and James Robertson, Andrew Love and The Memphis Horns,  Tony Marshall, Jesse Butler, Ron Dickerson, and many more through the years, they went to work on developing a unique sound.

However, at the time of these recordings, they lacked the proper marketing and distribution to properly expose these artists to the public. To make matters worse, the disco craze was in full these songs have never been released.

This CD contain performances by Lee Hatim, of the Masqueraders, and Ollie Nightingale.

These artists were the favorites of Zaleski & Thomas and that is why they appear on this first CD.

Lee Hatim was the lead singer of the Masqueraders and a prolific writer, arranger, producer, and keyboard player.

He had a major musical influence in the work of Zaleski & Thomas.

Ollie Nightingale was an artist with Stax records and became available when Stax became insolvent. Ollie played an important part in the day to day operation of the production company besides writing songs .

These recordings took place at recording studios in Memphis Tn., namely Stairway Recording Studio on Cleveland  Ave. and the old Sounds of Memphis Studio on Rayner Street.

These recordings were recorded under Paul Zaleski's production companies, Stairway Production Company, Lakeside Property Management, and Rayner Street Productions, and originally published by Apache's Rhythm ASCAP except " All the Way" and "Don't You Ever Take Your Love Away".
Sounds of Memphis Credits:

Produced by: Paul Zaleski, Errol Thomas
Arranged by:  Errol Thomas
Tracks Charted by: Errol Thomas
Strings Arranged by: Errol Thomas
Background Arranged by: Errol Thomas, Paul Zaleski, Lee Hatim.
Engineered & Mixed by Paul Zaleski.
Lee Hatim Songs and "Cold World Outside"
Engineered &Mixed by Ron Dickerson.
All other selections 
Recorded at: Stairway Recording Studio
435 N. Cleveland Memphis Tn.1976-1979.
Recorded at: Rayner Street Recording (Sounds of Memphis) 704 Rayner Street, Memphis Tn. 1979-1983
Drums: James Robertson, Melvin Robertson, Willie Hall.
Percussion: James Robertson,
Bass: Errol Thomas, Jeff Davis
Acoustic Guitars:
Michael Toles, Ned Davis , Tony Marshall, Arthur Kohtz
Electric Guitars: Michael Toles, Don Nix, Tony Marshall, Arthur Kohtz
Hammond B-3: Jesse Butler.
Piano: Lee Hatim, Arthur Kohtz, Billy Earheart, Paul Zaleski, Frank Westbrook,
Jesse Butler
Fender Rhodes: Lee Hatim, Jesse Butler, Paul Zaleski.
Trumpet Solo: Mickey Gregory
Background Singers: The Blackwood Girls, The Masquerades, Ron Dickerson ,
Lee Hatim.
Strings: Black Oak Arkansas.

Special thanks to the late Eugene Lucchessi and Henry Kusek whose belief in the arts made this possible.
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Historical story of the making of Sounds of Memphis CD presented here in the MP3 format. Produced by Paul Zaleski & Errol Thomas.
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