Paul Zaleski provides soundtrack composer services, besides being a composer of mood music used for soundtracks, original themes, and film scoring.

Specializing in simply beautiful melodies creating those special moods your project requires.

You might not recognize his name...but you have probably heard the music he has worked on.

Although the new kid on the block in Soundtrack Services, Paul Zaleski is not new to the music business.

Beginning in the Memphis, Tn as a songwriter, he started to gain notoriety with Paul and Errol Thomas writing with and producing Chuck Bell for the legendary SUN record label.

In the 80's, again Paul Zaleski and Errol Thomas, along with Arthur Kohtz, began working with the legendary soul singer AL Green resulting in 2 Grammy's for Al Green.

Paul Zaleski then resumed his writing and began composing soundtrack, cue and background music.

He currently has 9 solo CD'S released and has an extensive library of original material available for licensing. 

Producing well over 200 CD's in his career and writing well over 150 songs, besides playing sessions on numerous projects, Paul decided to concentrate on developing his skill and talents in the soundtrack services segment for motion pictures and videos.


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The soundtrack services that I provide will be in great demand one day so take advantage of my soundtrack services as soon as possible.

I also compose soundtracks an am a composer of soundrack themes for film socres, Paul Zaleski  mood music composer and soundtrack composer, film scores, composer of film scores, composer and soundtrack services
paul zaleski is a composer of soundtracks mood music for films, movies, motion pictures  mood music, Al Green, background music, piano instrumentals, ,
 Paul Zaleski provides soundtrack composer services, besides being a composer of mood music used for soundtracks, original themes, and film scoring.Paul Zaleski also is a composer for soundtracks and provides soundtrack services

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Paul Zaleski - I Remember When - Remember When
I can provide soundtrack services in the following manner, I can write theme music for soundtracks. I write music that can be easily used for soundtracks for motion pictures, soundtrack music ,or any other type of soundtrack services you desire. The soundtrack services can be written to suit your needs. The original theme music for soundtrack music can be included in your soundtrack services. Your music director or supervisor can contact me for my soundtrack services. The soundtrack services are  unique and the soundtrack music and soundtrack themes are beautiful and are well suited for romantic themes.
Above is a small sample reel...

Paul's music is ideally suited for
initial theme concepts.

A demo theme for your upcoming project can be obtained by contacting
Paul Zaleski.